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Enter to win a PREFUNC Party.

Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

PREFUNC: verb pre-fuhngk – to start partying before the party begins.

Take 1 PREFUNC before partying

“Team Prefunc would like to inform all its loyal customers that we are in the process of launching a new flavor by middle of March, 2015. Hence we have decided to no longer sell our existing product. We also would like to inform our loyal customers that we are giving away the existing product on hand. If you are interested in receiving free product kindly email us on We appreciate your loyalty and patience.”
Prefunc Management


What is PREFUNC? A proprietary blend of herbs that prepares your system for a night out. PREFUNC is not overloaded with synthetic vitamins, it is herbal and tastes herbal. It’s a bitter shot for a better morning.

Why PREFUNC? Partying often results in waking up the next morning with headaches, queasy stomachs, dehydration, aching muscles, and foggy brains. These prevent us from functioning normally.


Do you want to have a PREFUNC party on us?


Having a hangover is the worst time to figure out how to cure one. 25% of college students feel symptoms weekly.

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